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Please note that HotFile has removed my hosted files, so download liks have been down for a while.
I'm sorry for this, but I was not contacted by HotFile regarding any issue, so I dindn't know about the broken links.
I'm hosting the files myself now, so please show your support.
I do not authorize anybody to host or distribute this files by any means.
Please respect this and always reference if you need to post a link to the files. If you really need to host or distribute the files yourserlf, send me an email requesting permission to do so.
By downloading from this section you are agreeing to the stated abouve.


Yes, it's free... As long as you use it for non-profitable purposes!
You cannot use it to make money for yourself or others. As I went through all the trouble of developing this software and am kind enough to share it with you at no cost, the least you can do is to respect my hard work.
If you'd like to recommend this software to your friends, please do it so by redirect them to this website ( You cannot host this software on your website or on any other website.
Also, if you feel like this software has saved your life (or at least, a minute of your life), please feel free to make a donation and show your appreciation.

iPAQ/iGO Image Explorer

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Also free and you can use it on both personal and commercial projects.
Please do mention somewere on your software's "credits" section.
If you can afford it, please do make a donation, nomatter how small to help me keep this site online.

User Controls

Binaries installer (small) (assumes you have VB6 runtimes installed on your system)
Binaries installer (full)
Demo application (requires binaries to be installed fist)

rc-Dev Printer Module (RCPRN32)

Full installer
Source code examples

rc-Dev ActiveX Developer's Toolkit

Installer with Windows Installer Loader (Zip File)

Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) package

Developer resources

rc-Dev VB6 ColorPicker Add-In

Binaries installer (small) (assumes you have VB6 runtimes installed on your system)