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ActiveX for Visual Basic 6.0/.NET projects Disclaimer

As of 2011-03-01, rc-dev's ActiveX user controls and libraries are free for you to use on personal or commercial software.
Please keep somewere on your software credits. You can also say "thak you" by making a donation through Paypal.

User Controls

rcButton Provides an visually enhanced alternative to the standard VB CommandButton Control.
It keeps the basic CommandButton's properties and events, but adds a strong graphical interface supporting gradient backgrounds, icons/pictures, outlined/shadowed Captions and lot's more.
rcVATNumber This DropDown-like input box is used to validate EU (European Union) VAT (Value Added Tax) ID numbers.
It's a "must have", if you want to make sure those numbers are valid. By selecting the EU country and typing the VAT Number, the control automatically checks if it is a valid number for the selected country.
rcEuroBox This input User Control allows you to quickly design the interface form and to get it working fast, the easy way.
RcEuroBox was designed to work as a Euro (€) Currency value field, but it also can be used to show other currencies as well as percentage (%) values. The symbol digit is dynamic so you can use any symbol of your choice.
rcGradFrame Lightweight frame-like Control with support for custom gradient background.
It's a powerful element that gives your application a unique stylish look.
This control is part of the RcCTLIB (rc-Dev ActiveX Control Library 1.0).
rcCheckBox This represents an alternative to the plain standard CheckBox control adding a different visual interface along with a few more functionalities.
Another visual-oriented control to improve the way your application looks.
This control is part of the RcCTLIB (rc-Dev ActiveX Control Library 1.0).
rcProgressBar Here is a new-look progress bar to replace the plain VB Progress Bar Control.
It also relies on custom gradient colors, supports vertical/horizontal orientation and has a set built-in themes to quickly customize the way RcProgressBar looks.
This control is part of the RcCTLIB (rc-Dev ActiveX Control Library 1.0).
rcMeter This UserControl is a VU-like measuring control.
Like a ProgressBar, it support's the common Max/Min Value and Orientation properties.
The three marking colors are fully customizable, not just the colors themselves but also the level they represent.
This control is part of the RcCTLIB (rc-Dev ActiveX Control Library 1.0).
rcHyperlink This control does just what it's name suggest.
It's a Hyperlink Label that, when clicked on, opens a custom URL using the default system's Internet Browser. It can also execute other commands like running local files. Very useful, if you think about it...
This control is part of the RcCTLIB (rc-Dev ActiveX Control Library 1.0).
rcTracker This is a value-tracking timeline control. It displays a moving timeline representing the a value at a given time, as well as Max/Min guide lines and Average values.
Although it has an custom built-in timer for auto-refresh, it can be set to update only when a new value is given, providing a more accurate representation of your values.
Equipped with gradient background properties, it also has a strong and highly customizable visual interface.
rcHVContainer RcHVContainer is a Control Container with scrollbar functionalities.
In Design-Mode, you can add your controls to it and when done, resize it to fit your form contents.
In Run-Mode, the control will display the necessary scrollbars (if needed), enabling the user to scroll the Control Container's contents. This is very useful to display a large range of controls on a small form area.
It also comes with a gradient-background functionality.
This control is part of the RcFXCLIB (rc-Dev Free ActiveX Control Library 1.0).
A stand-alone installer is available on the downloads section.

rc-Dev Printer Module - COM Object

The RcPRN32 component was first developed to supply a simple interface with VB's Printer object providing precise printing functionalities, but as needs grew so did the component's capabilities.

Relative positioning, printing automation, simple draw/paint methods and other more functionalities were added to provide a complete printing interface.
The component is somewhat a "wrapper" for the VB6 Printer object, internally providing workarounds for the known bugs of VB's Printer object.
Here's a list of some of the main features handled by RcPRN32:

precise printing
Print your text on forms precisely where you want it to be. Shift all the print job to adjust small form changes.

relative printing
So you don't want to worry about set paper size and measurements. Just use percentage values like 20% from the top of the paper or 50% from the left edge.

Draw common shapes like circles, rounded rectangles, etc. and add shadow effects with a simple interface.

object printing
Print you application's visible objects (forms, buttons, pictures, combos etc.) with a single function call.

table printing
Convert listed data to a printable table fast and easily. Print ListView and Flexgrid contents without concerning about measurements, wrapping, etc.

printing automation
Use the PDD interface to create custom printing schemas that can act as report templates.

printing preview
Preview your printing job before sending it to the printer.

Full detailed documentation on rcprn32 is also available on rc-Dev ActiveX Developers Toolkit, available for download.
Feel free to use this great component.

Get it now from the downloads section.