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Hello and welcome to rc-dev, the FREE resource site for developers.
Here you can find free software that I've developed, free source code, free ActiveX user controls for VisualBasic 6.0 and .NET and lot's more. Feel free to browse arround and if you have any question please post it using the email address from the Contact section.


Most wanted

iPIE - iPAQ Image Explorer
iPAQ Image Explorer is the software I've developed to read and write the special file format used with images on the iPAQ 31x, Mio and iGo Gps devices.
You can use it to customize your device by changing the original images or create your own. Read more

rcPRN32 - rc-Dev Printer Module
This usefull component allows you to easily control VB's Printer Object without heavy-work programming.
It handles some known tricks and bugs for you, allows you to print using absolute, relative and percentage measurement, prints an object's content directly (ListView, Charts, etc.), give you a print preview, etc.
This means lots of work time saved and there's more! Read more

rcVATNumber ActiveX Control
Here's a must for all apps that have to handle European VAT numbers.
This User Control, much like a ComboBox, let's you select the EU country and validates the VAT number accordingly. This way, you can warn the user that the number is mistyped and needs correcting. Read more

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